Know your school & network

The quality of relationships you establish with colleagues at your school, local families, your hub support network and external partners is critical to the hub’s success. 

To build these relationships, you can:

Relationships are the most important thing - it's not about the numbers.

“Schools are very busy so it’s not easy to organise activities. We have a hub committee that includes our speech therapist, the Vice Principal, about four parents and me. We work out what we want to do and prioritise the activities we want to do for the year. We usually have a list of 10 activities.”

Salwa, Meadow Heights Primary School hub, Victoria

Employing an integrated ‘Whole of School’ model

The key to a successful hub is the integrated ‘Whole of School’ model.

This involves building strong connections between the school and the hub, ensuring that both are equally invested in the success of the hub. Hub leader Helen Grdic from Heckenberg Public School Hub shares her tips below on how to build the ‘Whole of School’ model around the hub:

Coolaroo South Primary Hub

Fahriye Yilmaz, coordinator of Coolaroo South Primary Hub in Victoria, talks about how her community hub got off the ground.

Getting a hub off the ground

Caroline Menassa, coordinator of St Dominic’s Primary Hub, talks about how her community hub got off the ground.