Invoicing for your programs

As a hub leader, you may need to raise an invoice for funding you receive from CHA. For example, if you apply for funding to support your English program, you will need to submit an invoice to receive that funding.

Invoices may be raised for:

How to raise your invoice

Talk with your business manager, and ask if they can raise an invoice for the amount of funding. You will then submit this through SmartyGrants.
Make sure that GST has been applied correctly as per the funding guidelines, you may need to specify this to your business manager – if you’re unsure on how to do this please ask Eliza or check the FAQ below.


If your program facilitator is invoicing CHA directly, please let Eliza know at and ensure that your facilitator is aware of how to apply GST to the funding received.

How to submit your invoice

Invoices are submitted through SmartyGrants, within the original application that you submitted. The invoice must be submitted through SmartyGrants.

You will receive an email notification through SmartyGrants with a prompt to upload your invoice, please make sure it’s one invoice per term – we can no longer process multiple invoices for one term. If this poses a problem for you, please reach out to Eliza.

Lost your email? No problem – follow the below steps to log in and upload your invoice:

Invoice checklist

When you are arranging for the invoice to be paid, details that we require on the invoice so that we can pay the invoice are as follows:

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