Post Registration Log in

Once you have completed the registration process for Hub Central, logging in to Hub Central will require you to complete a two-step authentication:

Please follow these steps to log in:


If you are taken to the Hub Central ‘Home’ screen – congratulations! You have opened Hub Central successfully. This is the end of the instructions.  

If you do not arrive at the Hub Central home screen, please continue with the following instructions:   


If you are having trouble finding this app, please go to your app store (‘Play Store’ for Samsung/Android phones or ‘App Store’ for iPhones) and search for ‘Google Authenticator’ with this icon (to the right).


Note: Your code will refresh on your smart phone every few minutes, you may have to try again if you run out of time. Please keep the ‘Google Authenticator’ app on your mobile as you will need to get a new authentication code each time you log in to Hub Central.


Congratulations! You are now in Hub Central.