Term reports

The way we deliver your hub’s term reports has changed. CHA has partnered with Seer Data & Analytics to provide a web based report with interactive data and featured stories from the network. 

These new reports will be easier to share with your school and your community, and we hope that they give you the opportunity to engage further with your hub data and incorporate it into your planning.


Please see the below resource for instructions on how to access your report and troubleshooting.

Frequently Asked Questions

Moving term reports to the Seer online platform will give you greater access to information across the hubs network and provides the tools for considering data when running your hub.

Using Seer, you will be seeing more consistent reporting formats and insights, with the bonus of being able to interact with your hub’s data.

Seer is Australia’s problem-solving platform for local communities with a vision to make data accessible, usable and shareable for all. Seer works with Government, Community Organisations, Not-for-Profits, Philanthropic Grantmakers and Consultants to empower communities with data driven decision making.

Seer allows us to ingest, access, analyse and share our own data alongside open data sources such as Australian Bureau of Statistics Census data.

You will receive all the data points that you used to receive, and some extra ones! Plus, you will be able to compare one of your data points from this term to the same time last year.

Instead of a PDF file, you will receive your reports through a web-link (URL).

This data will only be shared with the relevant hub leaders, principals and support coordinators.

If you have any questions about your report – or the new format that it’s in – please speak directly with your support coordinator. Any questions relating to the Seer platform please email Seer Support at seer.support@seerdata.com.au . 

New report format

How your reports used to look:

How they look now: