Reporting and invoicing

As part of the agreement between Community Hubs Australia and your school, there are reporting requirements about the operations of your hub and financial arrangements. 

Hub operations

Your hub leader is responsible for the reporting that is related to the activities that your hub undertakes and the impact that the hub has on the community. However, your hub leader will need assistance from your local support coordinator and from you as a school leader. From time to time, CHA will also make additional funding available for your hub to support specific activities such as English classes. Your hub leader will also be responsible for reporting against this. Click here for more information on when and how that reporting takes place, or speak to your hub leader. Your hub leader will meet with you at least once per term to discuss the results of this reporting. 

Financial reporting

As a school leader you are responsible for financial reporting. Every six months, we will ask that you complete a financial report. This report will cover the funding provided for the prior six-month period of operation, in line with the funding model for your hub. This report is only for the funding that CHA provides for the operation of your hub, and does not include other program funding, for example English classes.  

  • Any hub operations funding that you have declared as carry forward from the last reporting period – this is the amount you told us about in your last financial report.
  • Hub operations funding that your school received from CHA to run your hub in this reporting period (either January to June or July to December).
  • Any funding that your school has contributed to the operations of the hub in this period. Remember that if your hub has been operating for more than two years your school is obliged under the funding agreement to contribute a set amount. Refer to your funding agreement for details.
  • Total funding allocated to hub leader salary and associated costs. Remember that 90% of the total allocation of funding towards hub operation must be spent on hub leader salary and associated costs. This is detailed in your agreement.
  • Total funding allocated on expenses other than hub leader salary.
  • Balance (unspent) of funding at the end of the six-month period.
  • Any changes to key staff
  • Changes to banking details
  • That your school is continuing to meet its obligations as a part of the hubs program:

    • That you are providing a hub space
    • That you have employed a hub leader
    • That you have attended your local area principal meetings
    • That you are able to meet your school funding contribution (for schools who have had a hub for more than two years)
    • That you are compliant with child safe legislation in your local jurisdiction.

When this financial report is due, we will send you an email with a link to a form to complete. 

Once you have submitted your financial report, we will review the information required and either come back to you with any questions or approve your report. 


Every six months, we will ask you to invoice us for your next funding instalment. The amount to be invoiced is contained in the funding agreement between CHA and your school. When it is time to raise an invoice, we will send you an email with a link to upload your invoice. You may need to liaise with your organisation’s account team.

  • Invoice to be made out to Community Hubs Australia Ltd
  • Your school banking details (if applicable)
  • Include GST in the invoiced amount (note that the amount listed in the agreement is exclusive of GST)
  • Invoice number

Remember that CHA pays your school every six months in advance of the next six months of activity. 

How is the program funded? 

The National Community Hubs Program is funded, supported and delivered by one of Australia’s most effective partnerships between philanthropy, all tiers of government and the community and corporate sectors. For the first two years of operation, we provide the full funding required for each community hub, with funding in the third year and beyond reducing slightly to allow for a modest commitment of $20,000 p.a. from each school. This will be detailed in the funding schedule of your agreement. It is a requirement of that funding agreement that at least 90% of the total funding allocated to your hub (which includes any monetary contribution made by your school) is to be spent on hub leader salary and associated costs.