Your hub’s funding and reporting

This section aims to guide principals and business managers about their hub finance and reporting responsibilities. There are plenty of hints and tips, plus you will also find information on how to support your hub leader with finance and reporting related tasks.    

If you are a Business Manager, the following responsibilities will be yours, with the last point being solely for the Principal

Hub funding:  

  • Submit two hub funding invoices a year in Term 2 and Term 4. These invoices cover the salaries and associated costs of people employed to work in your hub.  Please refer to the ‘What is due and when?’ section below for more detail.  
  • Complete two financial acquittals a year for hub funds spent, in Term 2 and Term 4. Please refer to the ‘What is due and when?’ section below for more detail. 

English program and childminding funding: 

  • Your hub leader will require support throughout the year to raise invoices for hub operations. This will include English program funding and childminding funding in Terms 1, 2, 3 and 4 (or as required by your hub) and any other adhoc program funding.
  • Complete two financial acquittals a year for funds spent on English programs and childminding. This will be in Terms 2 and 4.

For more information on how to help your hub leader raise invoices, please see the ‘Invoicing for your programs’ section in the Hub leader Toolbox: 

In addition, as Principal, you are responsible for:


In addition to the invoices you submit for hub funding, your hub leader will also need to submit invoices for any programs, such as English and childminding.   

There are currently government grants available to support these programs and your hub leader may have applied for one or both of these grants through SmartyGrants, with your support.   

The next step is for you to raise and submit invoices to CHA to secure these funds. Please keep reading for tips on what to include on your invoices and how to submit them. 

  • Invoice is to be made out to Community Hubs Australia Ltd 

Please note: You can raise a single invoice to include both English and childminding, as long as it is for the same school term.  You cannot invoice for more than one term on the same invoice. 

  • Invoice number  
  • GST 
    • English invoice amount should be GST exclusive (e.g. $X + GST).   
    • Childminding invoice amount has no GST applied (e.g. $X). 

Include your school’s bank account details – bank, BSB and account number – unless you have a prior arrangement with CHA or are a NSW government school.  If you are a NSW government school, please raise a sales order through SAP in EDConnect. 

It is the school’s responsibility to decide how to invoice for a third-party provider, from these two options:

1. The provider invoices the school, who then invoices CHA. CHA reimburses the school, who then pays the provider.

2. The provider invoices CHA. The provider gives their invoice to the hub leader who loads it onto SmartyGrants. CHA then pays the provider directly.

In either case, it is the responsibility of the school to check the third-party providers’ bank details for payments. 

1. Go to 

2. Log in using  the school email address and password you’ve set up in SmartyGrants 

3. Click on ‘log in’ 

4. Go to the top right corner and click on ‘My submissions’ 

5. Choose the relevant ‘invoice submission’ form e.g. Hub funding/ English program funding/ Childminding funding 

6. Upload your invoice/s and click on ‘Submit’

Financial acquittals

There are two key points in the year when your hub is required to complete and submit a financial acquittal for the hub funding that CHA provides31 January and 31 July. The sections below guide you through what an acquittal is, when and how to submit the acquittals, along with a video and Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs).    

A financial acquittal is a confirmation of how the hub funding CHA has provided in the previous six-month period has been spent and on what. Remember, the financial acquittal specifically relates to the funding towards the salaries and associated costs of people employed to work in your hub.  You need to complete the financial acquittal as an online form in SmartyGrants, including the following information: 

  • Any hub funding that you have declared as carry forward from the last reporting period.  This is recorded as the balance of your last financial acquittal. 
  • The amount of hub funding your school has received from CHA to run your hub for this period (either 1 January – 30 June or  1 July – 31 December).   
  • The funding contribution your school has made in this period. Remember, if your hub has been operating for more than two years, your school is obliged under the funding agreement with CHA to contribute a set amount. Please refer to your funding agreement for details. 
  • Total funding spent on salaries and other associated costs. Remember that 90% of the total allocation of funding must be spent on salaries and associated costs of people employed to work in your hub. This is detailed in your funding agreement with CHA. 
  • Funding allocated to ‘other expenses’, including a brief description. 
  • Funding balance at the end of the six-month period. 
  • Any amounts as GST exclusive (e.g. $X +GST). 
  • Confirmation on whether your school’s bank account details (BSB and account number) have changed – unless you have a prior arrangement or are a NSW government school.   

Your financial acquittal does not include other program funding, for example English classes.   

Hub funding financial acquittals are due:

1. By 31 July for the period 1 Jan to 30 June 

2. By 31 Jan for the period 1 July to 31 December

When you have collated the information for your financial acquittals, you will need to log in to SmartyGrants and complete the form online. Here’s how:  

1. Go to 

2. Log in using the school email address and password you’ve set up in SmartyGrants 

3. Click on ‘log in’ 

4. Go to the top right corner and click on ‘My submissions’ 

5. Click on ‘Financial acquittal’ 

6. Complete the form 

7. Upload your financial acquittal by clicking on ‘Submit’

Q: In the acquittal, how do I show the salary of anyone the hub employs to run programs? 

A: The hub funding you complete the acquittal for is only for salaries and associated costs of those employed to run the hub. Typically, this will be your hub leader, but there may be another support person involved to run your hub.  It’s these hub salary costs that must be included in your acquittal. 

Any program-specific employment, e.g. an English teacher or childminder is covered by an additional grant we offer and your hub leader can apply for separately.  These costs do not need to be accounted for in your hub acquittal.   

Q: What if our school has not spent the full hub funding amount for the six-month period? 

A: We realise that circumstances change, so if your hub has not used all of the available hub funding for the six-month period, it can be carried forward to the next period.  If you have further questions on unspent funds, please contact Bec Kotow, Head of Operations on . 

How is the program funded? 

The National Community Hubs Program is funded, supported and delivered by one of Australia’s most effective partnerships between philanthropy, all tiers of government and the community and corporate sectors. For the first two years of operation, CHA provides the full funding required for each community hub. From the third year onwards, this amount is reduced slightly, and schools contribute financially to the program each year. This is detailed in the funding schedule of your agreement with CHA.  

It is a requirement of your funding agreement that the school will allocate at least 90% of the funds to salaries and associated costs of people employed to work in your hub.   

Please note: Hub funding from CHA is for the salaries and associated costs of the people employed in the hub. Adhoc and one-off funding opportunities will be available through government grants e.g. for English programs and childminding.