Planning and reporting

It is important for every hub leader to set clear goals and objectives and collect evidence that shows how these goals are being achieved.

Encourage new hub leaders to start their planning by reading past Rapid Review reports, which make up part of the Quality Improvement Framework (QIF).

Quality is better than quantity. Encourage hub leaders to ask questions and adapt programs so they work for your community.

Quality Improvement Framework

The purpose of the quality framework is to support hub leaders to reflect and plan programs. The process, which is undertaken each term, provides an opportunity to think about the quality of the programs delivered in the hub and to reflect on what could improve in the future. The framework ensures consistent and transparent standards and expectations across the network.  

The Quality Improvement Framework (QIF) consists of three Rapid Reviews completed at the ends of Term 1, 2 and 4 and an Annual Plan (done in Term 3). The framework is in place to ensure that hubs constantly evolve to meet the needs of their communities. It also sets up opportunities for reflection and strategic planning of hub programs. 

Use QIF page overview and diagram here.

The purpose of the Rapid Review is to reflect on how the hub programs are meeting the needs of the community and to help you understand the impact of the hub programs. It will also encourage dialogue by providing a formal opportunity for you, your hub leader and support coordinator to reflect on the hub together each term. 

Your hub leader will complete an Annual Plan for the hub in Term 3. This is done in consultation with hub participants, your school and local stakeholders. This ensures the programs are strategically planned and meet the needs of the hub participants and the school. The Annual Plan will help Hub Leaders to plan and share details of hub activities.  

Hub Central

Hub Central is where hub leaders enter data and timetable information. It is important that hub leaders keep accurate records of hub activities and report back to support coordinators.

Encourage your hub leaders to enter their data and timetable information. CHA will use this information for funding and support purposes. It also means hub leaders can continually evaluate and improve their services.