Connect. Share. Learn. forum 2021

Our Connect. Share. Learn. national online forum was the first event of its kind for the community hubs network. 180 hub leaders, support coordinators, school principals and special guests joined online to connect with each other and share thoughts and ideas – all sparked by our guest speakers, who gave us plenty to think about.

We were honoured to have Peter Scanlon AO, Chairman, and Dr Sonja Hood, CEO, Community Hubs Australia, join us.

Our presenters were informative, insightful and inspiring.   

Here is a round-up of the presentations and resources they have generously shared:

Deloitte Access Economics

Anthony Semann

Founder and Director, Semann & Slattery

Clare Desira

Founder, Top Five Movement

We hope you’ve had a chance to circuit break, circuit make and introduce Helpful, Encouraging + Practical (HEP) thinking since the conference. Here are some further resources to support you, your loved ones and your teams:

Our No.1 charting podcast which captures our interviews with community leaders about how they build their own mindset + resilience and extend that to their teams.

To scrap your to do list and get more out of every day. We call it a To FEEL list and helps train your brain to look out for ways to live your life the way you want to. With more grace, ease, focus, fun… you name it, it’s your choice and this template will help you bring it to life and deliver with impact, on your terms. 

Retrain your brain by simply picking up a pen at the end of the day and writing down five moments worth remembering for positive reasons from that day. It trains your brain to expect the good in your work and team, even on the busiest of days.