Plan and test programs

The needs of local families and communities are at the centre of each hub. For this reason, every hub timetable is different.

When hub leaders create their timetable, it is important that they:

Developing a plan and reporting on progress

Reporting is a key part of the hub leader role. Without capturing and sharing what the hub does with funders, schools and the communityhubs could not continue. Data is a valuable tool and something everyone must routinely collect and share with CHA. 

To assist in capturing important data we have created the CHA Portal which sits inside Hub Central, and the Quality Improvement Framework. Hub leaders must complete each of these reporting requirements as listed below. 

Quality Improvement Framework

In 2019, Community Hubs Australia worked with Murdoch Children’s Research Institute (MCRI) to develop the Quality Improvement Framework (QIF) for our hub program. MCRI is the largest child health research institute in Australia and one of the top three worldwide for research quality and impact.

The QIF is a reflective process to help you review and refine your hub as it evolves. In consultation with MCRI, the framework was co-designed by hub leaders, support coordinators and principals and consists of one activity that your hub needs to complete each term across the school year.

Click here to download the guide as a PDF


CHA Portal

CHA Portal is where hub leaders enter data and timetable information. It is important that hub leaders keep accurate records of hub activities and report back to support coordinators.

CHA Portal is accessed through Hub Central.

CHA needs up-to-date information about each hub for funding and support purposes. This also means hub leaders can continually evaluate and improve their services. The site is set up so they can enter data weekly or submit the entire term at once.