Your network

You are fully supported by the community hubs network. 

Below are the ways that you will connect with your school and other hub partners.


Hub leader to hub leader

The support coordinator will organise monthly hub leader meetings. These provide an opportunity to connect with your colleagues in the local area. Fellow hub leaders are an excellent resource for you to gain insight into the characteristics of the local community. The location rotates from hub to hub and local stakeholders are often invited to provide relevant information about services or programs the hubs could benefit from.


Hub leader to principal

The hub leader and principal meet regularly (at least quarterly) to discuss the hub and to cross-check the school’s strategic plan with hub programs. This ensures that hub programs complement the school’s direction. Ensure your support coordinator is also present at these meetings. Things to cover can include current and future programs, participants, the school’s strategic plan and how it marries up to hub programs, Rapid Reviews, the Annual Plan and any outstanding issues.


Support coordinator
to hub leader

It is important to have regular contact with your support coordinator as they are a vital source of information for relevant services and referrals. One-on-one meetings are on an ‘as needed’ basis. New hub leaders will meet regularly, but this will reduce with time as the hub leader becomes more experienced and familiar with running the hub.

Other ways to connect

Hub Leaders Exchange program

The Hub Leaders Exchange program boosts new ideas, knowledge and friendships by promoting connections between hub leaders in the National Community Hubs Program.

Get involved by joining a hub working group

These are working groups to assist with the implementation of ad hoc projects. You will help to workshop ideas, test material and work with colleagues from other states and regions.

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