Hub leader Toolbox

Hub leaders play a vital role in connecting parents and children with local schools, agencies and people in the community.

This toolbox will be updated frequently. If it doesn’t answer your questions, reach out to your support coordinator or your local network of hub leaders – they will likely be able to help. If there is something missing from this toolbox, please let us know at:


This toolbox will help:

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What hubs do


Engage and connect families in culturally diverse communities.

Early Childhood_500

Connect preschool children into playgroups and prepare them for school.


Provide opportunities to learn and practice English.

Vocational pathways_500

Build pathways to volunteering and employment.

What hubs achieve


Child outcomes

Migrant children enjoy and succeed in school and achieve optimal health, development and wellbeing.


Family outcomes

Migrant families function well, have the capacity, confidence and skills to nurture child learning, and are connected, active participants in the community and workforce.


School outcomes

Schools respond to the needs and aspirations of migrant children and families.


Community outcomes

Community services respond early and effectively to migrant child and family needs.

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You are fully supported in our network

Hub leaders are supported
by other hub leaders

Your fellow hub leaders are an excellent resource for you to gain an understanding of the characteristics of the local community.

Hub leader and
principal connection

After connecting with the principal, together you will work together to review and plan programs for the following term.

Support coordinator
and hub leader

Support coordinators are your sounding board for new ideas. They are also a vital source of information for relevant services and referrals.