Planning and reporting

It is important for every hub leader (in consultation with the principal) to set clear goals and objectives and collect evidence that shows how these are being achieved.

Tips for approaching your planning:

Tools to help you plan and report

The Quality Improvement Framework (QIF)

a reflective process to help you review and refine your hub as it evolves. Co-designed by hub leaders, support coordinators and principals, the QIF consists of one activity that you need to complete each term across the school year.

In Terms 1 and 2, the Rapid Review is completed. The purpose of the Rapid Review is to assist with reflections on how your programs are going and helps inform your planning for next term. In Term 3, the Annual Review is completed. This is covered in further detail below. In Term 4, the Annual Plan is completed. This plan ensures that the most appropriate activities and programs are in place for your school and community for the following school year.

Hub Central and the CHA Portal

Hub Central is an important tool for hub leaders, and it is where you access the CHA Portal. The Portal is used to record timetabled programs, program attendances and referrals, and end of term reporting.  

The data collected is used to illustrate the impact of community hubs and is a key piece of information for our funding partners.