Create and foster partners

Community hubs serve as gateways for families to access existing services, in addition to the activities offered within the hub.

As a school leader, you can create connections and foster partnerships with support services in your community to enhance your hub’s offering.

Handy resources for principals

Learn about your community

Some tips and ideas about how to explore what your hub community has and what it needs.

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How family friendly is your school?

A checklist for school leaders to work through with hub families.

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How to sustain a partnership

A guide to evaluating and sustaining community partnerships.

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What can I do for hub leaders?

Encourage them to build strong relationships with local agencies and services.

Particularly those organisations that may offer services to support families. They know their clients well and can personally introduce them to you and the hub. Your hub leaders may ask for guidance around this from you and the other hub leaders in your local area network.

Advise hub leaders to develop connections with the local council.

Particularly the children and family services, community development and social cohesion teams. Other sections of the council that may be useful for hub leaders to connect with include the community education, allied health, grants, and sport and recreation teams.